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Fault finding.


Alpha Services currently offers inspection services though out Devon & Cornwall. The key to effective inspection and testing services is to agree the limitations with the client.

This is important as this enables us to carry out an inspection and test which meets the requirements for which the report is being issued and causes the minimum disruption to the client.

Effective periodic testing is a way of performing preventative maintenance. Examples of this are generally found on commencement of a visual inspection. Faults can be identified in the early stages and rectified before they develop into more serious faults and/or cause further cost implications.

As we inspect the distribution boards and switchgear we ensure sound electrical connection, over time and usage electrical connections can work loose and can cause faults. After a thorough visual inspection is carried out electrical testing proceeds. Each circuit is subjected to electrical testing to verify its adequacy to protect the end user from electrocution and to verify its disconnection under fault conditions.

If we identify any areas which require attention we will advise you in the report and together implement a plan to rectify any remedial work. Together with a professional on site, smartly dressed electrical team ready to provide you with a smooth effective service including any out of hours work required, you will be issued with a top quality computer generated report.

Our Aims:

  • Immediate response to all enquiries..
  • To provide cost effective solutions to meet your requirements.
  • A fast efficient hassle free service.
  • To form lasting business relationships..

Inspection & Testing Services Include:

1. Periodic Inspection Reports PIR

In accordance with the regulations from 1st January 2011 Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) will be issued.

Dependant upon the usage of a property/building it is imperative that periodic testing of the electrical installation is carried out. The purpose of periodic testing is to ensure compliance with BS7671.

In most cases it is used as a way of preventing faults. The main areas we concentrate on to ensure safety within the work place are fire risk and electric shock risk. Continued periodic testing is a way of improving safety within the workplace and reducing the risk of electric shock to the end user. It is also a way of satisfying insurance requirements. Many people do not realise that there insurance may be invalid if they do not possess a current periodic certificate.

We can advise on the recommended testing intervals for periodic testing.

We provide a hassle free service tailored to your requirements. Out of hours work can be arranged to suit your needs to minimize downtime. In some cases we have carried out the report in sections over a number of years to reduce the costs. If the report outlines any defects or issues then again we have in some cases spread out the work to reduce initial outlay. Free site surveys are carried out to determine the initial cost of the report and the duration of the inspection and testing process and the manner in which it will be approached.

Once you site has been fully inspected and tested and your installation and distribution board details entered on to our software system will have a full record of each circuit within your installation which will if you choose to continue to use our services enable us to quickly locate faults and available circuits for further installation projects.


2. Emergency Lighting Inspection and Testing

  • Annual inspection and testing to ensure the effectiveness of the emergency lighting system and signage..
  • Monthly testing schedule issued to you to help you to perform your own monthly testing and to record it effectively.
  • Annual reminders for re test periods.
  • Should there be any defects we will offer to you recommendations and solutions to maintain an effective emergency lighting system..


3. Fire Alarms

  • A wide range of inspection and testing schedules available..
  • Servicing certificates issued to satisfy health and safety/insurance.
  • Hassle free service carried out within working hours or out of hours if required.
  • For more information on our business, commercial & industrial inspection and testing services,
    call us today on 01752 202120 or complete an enquiry form..